Erisa Trust Company offers two distinctive investment options for HSA account holders.

Mutual Fund Investment

This type of investment is easy for anyone to use, and can be set up to run automatically with any amount you contribute over the minimum $2,000 limit.

With this type of investment, you can choose from a list of mutual fund options provided by our partner, Healthcare Bank. Select the percentage of your savings that you want invested in each type of fund, and make changes to your percentages any time you like.

To see our current investment options as offered by Healthcare Bank, click here.

Self-Directed Investment

For those who are more experienced in investments, have a substantial account balance, or have a professional financial planner offering investment advice, a self-directed discretionary brokerage account may be more appropriate. For this, we offer a brokerage account arrangement through Charles Schwab.

For more information on how to set up your investments, review our Investment Guide.